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Membership Program

With the help of the community we will be able to boost the café to the next level and ensure that it remains a vibrant place where “community” can happen for many years to come. After being in business for just over two years, the café has become a vital part of the community where the various circles in the community overlap. It serves as a meeting place and holds the gesture that all are welcome. Whether it is a chance meeting or a planned event it is a place where new relationships can be formed, friendships rekindled and the feeling of connectedness abounds.


By purchasing a membership you are essentially buying a large gift certificate that you can use over time.  It gives us the capital we need to make much needed improvements that will help us serve the community better and expand our customer base so that the café is financially viable. Listed below are the top priority projects that the membership funds will help support.

  1. Improved parking and accessibility
    ~additional drainage and upgrade to parking lot
    ~sidewalk repair
    ~handrails and ramp for front entrance

  2. Kitchen expansion and equipment upgrades
    ~increased service efficiency
    ~allows the possibility for larger, more diverse menu offerings including
           ~dinners to go
           ~expanded juice and smoothie menu
           ~beer and wine
           ~unique lunch and dinner specials

  3. Outside improvements
    ~addition of children’s play area
    ~increased outdoor seating and patio
    ~stage and seating for events

  4. Advertising
           ~sign improvements



Why  would  I  Want  to  become  a  member? 

There are three levels of membership available.  With the $240 membership level you pay $240 and receive a $12 member credit each month to use over the course of 2 years.  As the membership level goes up, so does the membership length, the monthly amounts, and the benefits.  At $500 membership level, the span is 3 years, the monthly amount is $18, and the benefits are an added $40 of credit.  You get $540 worth of credit for $500!  At $1,000 membership level, the span is 4 years, the monthly amount is $27, and the benefit is an extra $80, for a total of $1,080 of credit.


If you would like to support this project but do not wish to purchase a membership, donations in any amount are accepted.  We have already started bringing money in… it shouldn’t be long before some of the projects are underway! 


If you need any more information or have any questions please ask Ben or Christie about the program next time you stop by!


How  Does  membership  Work?

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